How to Become a Commercial Pilot

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When learning about the factors that come into play regarding how to become a commercial pilot, one should know that there are several different routes available to accomplish this goal. But at the end of the day you must meet the requirements of the FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, in order to be paid to fly an aircraft in the United States. Their guidelines insure the safety of those being flown, the pilot themselves, and those of us on the ground! Since the United States is still a country that primarily speaks English, in order to learn how to become a commercial pilot, you must be required to speak, read, write, and understand this language. Like most other activities that involve extraordinary dangers and responsibilities you must be at least eighteen years of age or older. When it comes to the real work involved in the process of learning how to become a pilot, you must acquire a private pilot’s license or some other higher form of certificate that has been awarded to you by the FAA. These certificates can include, but are not limited to an Airmen Certification or an Airworthiness Certification.

how to become a commercial pilotTo begin the process of gaining an Airmen’s Certificate one needs to familiarize themselves with the standards to which they will be held for this certificate. To attain this information, locate the nearest Flight Standards District Office which can be found using the FSDC Locator on the FAA website. Examiners that play a central role in determining whether your skills warrant this certificate can also be located for your area using the Designee locator, which is also available on the FAA website.

The Airworthiness Certificate basically grants you the authorization to operate an aircraft in flight. However, to qualify for the Airworthiness Certificate you must be an owner of a registered aircraft or an agent of a registered aircraft owner. Attaining these certificates will mean that you have some air time under your belt and you are on your way to gaining the appropriate aeronautical experience that is required for learning how to become a commercial pilot. Other certificates that could be required depending on your desired area commercial work can include Aircraft Certification and Airport Certification. These qualifications help to determine what you might also heard referred to as your ‘commercial class rating.’ The final hurdle in this basic look at the process is to pass the testing requirements. These tests will consist of a knowledge portion and then of course a practical flying test which will test your real time capabilities to ensure that you have acquired. As far as the routes to achieve each of these things, we can start with the most basic.

Many people attend a flight school when learning how to become a commercial pilot and then armed with this knowledge, train how to become a commercial pilotthemselves until they have reached the proper skill level. Airline, Transport, Professionals (ATP) is a popular training program to get involved with. Their certification programs even offer paths directly into a career upon completion. Registration for this institution is available online and there are even financing opportunities available.

Others come to the profession after they have been in the Air Force. In this instance, by the time an individual leaves the service, nearly all of the requirements regarding experience have been met. Both of the above methods cost very little and to learn how to become a commercial pilot through the Air Force requires practically no out of pocket dollars whatsoever. Which ever one of the routes mentioned here that you may choose, like any other endeavor, it is important to do your research. This is especially true when looking at the factors that determine a quality aviation school. Learning how to become a pilot can offer rewarding experiences that will give you a wonderful new perspective on life.

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