How to Become a Pilot

Learning how to become a pilot involves a trainees making it through flight school to the point where they can be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

It should be noted that while it is possible to get into flight school with only a college diploma, most airlines like their pilots to have college degrees. Courses in the subjects of mathematics, physics and aeronautical engineering are useful.

Flight School

There are different parts to learning how to become a pilot. A part of the course of training involves learning theory and taking written tests on the ground. The other part involves actually flying an aircraft and taking practical tests. Instruction on how to become a pilot includes learning the principles of flight, knowing and understanding flight regulations, and understanding certain aspects of meteorology.

how to become a pilotAlso covered will be learning how to navigate, how to communicate with radio, and how to read an instrument panel. Trainees will have their knowledge of these things tested in the Federal Aviation Administration’s knowledge test, which consists of 60 multiple choice questions.

The Private Pilot Certificate

An ASEL license is the license that most private pilots hold. ASEL means aircraft, single engine, land. The license means that the pilot is able to fly a fixed wing airplane with one engine, that lands on land, as opposed to landing on water as seaplanes do.

To obtain an ASEL license, a student pilot must, among other things, be at least 17 years-old, speak and write English, log 5 hours of solo time flying cross country. As for the night-flying, the student must also log at least three hours of flying at night. how to become a pilot

Airline pilots

For those who want to make flying an airplane into a profession one popular job is that of flying commercial aircraft. This job involves more than education on how to become a pilot. They have to know how to be a certain kind of pilot.

In order to get a commercial pilot’s license a trainee must have at least 250 hours of experience flying a plane. Taking courses at a flight school can reduce the amount of actual flight time needed to get the license.

An airline pilot will need to have a pilot certificate, and also pass a multi-engine check test since most commercial aircraft have more than one engine. Most commercial pilots will have thousands of hours of experience flying a plane to get hired by an airline, way more than the minimum 250 needed in order to get a commercial pilot’s certificate.

Before learning how to become a pilot for an airline should note that the career is, and always has been uncertain due to the nature of the industry.